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Palm Beach weed beds.

Guest mike2153

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Guest mike2153

Hi everyone,

Today I decided to take the kayak in the weed beds at the back of Palm beach at the entrance of Pittwater.

I trolled around fir a while up and down with a SP nipper behind me and caught a Pike which put up no fight.

I used fresh yakkas, and Hawkesbury Prawns as bait as well with not even a bite.

There was a comp on and there were a few boats around me all on the SP for Bream I believe and they were having troble hooking up.

I think that's the last time I try and fish those weed beds except for a Squid session.

I was really aiming for flathead with the SP's but didn't even get a hook up.

Oh well theres always next weekend.

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Guest mike2153

Where abouts mate in the shallows? In the depths? Near the head or down further? I was going to use nippers but the hop didn't have any.

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