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Another Botany bay squid report


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Went out early yesterday to chase some kings with my cousin and in the bay.

Got a tank full of yakkas and slimies by 6, then headed off to get some squid.

Before i'd even rigged up, my cousin had thrown a jig over and was on... I looked over and he had 2 or 3 big mates following him up. He unhooked it threw the jig over and was on again before i had even thrown my first cast.

We ended up drifting around and got about 16-17 squid (the biggest went just under 70cm from hood to tip of tenticles) in about 45mins.

Decided it was time to head off, so went and downrigged around the heads for nothing exept a decent bonito. Came back inside and tried channel markers, molli and the drums for nothing except 1 hit and miss and pickers ravaging a stack of baits.

Then the southerly picked up, so headed back to the ramp along with every other person in sydney with a boat..

Can't complain though with a great feed of salt and pepper squid, and a freezer full of prime bait!

Tight lines


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i was out there as well but i didnt have as much luck as you did with the squid, but when the southerley hit we where the first back to the ramp and by the time i washed the boat down it was like pitt street out there COMPLETE CHAOS :banana: ..... but gotta say great squid any tips you want to share :fishing1:

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