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Northern beaches king


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Went out off the rocks for the first time this year, high tide just around sunrise with a 3ft ese swell... Made the pain full walk in with our liveys....arrived with shoulders burning to find out our lone live squid had died :(

Pretty average day with a bonito and sambo spun up around 9...

Mate lived out the bonito but no interest until it gave up the ghost and a wobby decided to have a go but didn't find the hooks.

Saw and hooked a few rat kings on squid strips but nothing decent...

Went to have a nap for a hour then chucked out the last live yakka we had... 10 mins later hooked up and landed the first king for 2013.. mates who had kept fishing were spewing!

Went 85cm and just under 5kg.post-16452-0-20692300-1360542408_thumb.jpg

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It is a noticeable feature of a wild caught king compared to one you would see at the fish markets to have a larger tail, as the farmed ones don't have to do much swimming to get their food.


Fair enough but I will say the only kings I've ever seen have been on the end of my rod :)

Tail just looks a bit larger than normal, probably grew up being chased by a big shark or something hahaha

Great catch though we're abouts at curl curl were you?

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