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Port Stephens Weekend

Game Changer

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Hi guys, spent the weekend up in Port Stephens. Hoping to get a marlin.

We woke up early Saturday morning to a strong North-easterly wind, but we still headed out.

We gathered yellow tail and headed out. We made the decision to head north to seal rocks, we set the spread and trawled around the shallows for a little, we then decided to head out to the deeper water where we had a strike but didn't manage to hook up. Not long after that the Long rigger went off zzzzzzzzz we were hooked on a small black marlin, 5 minutes later we had it along side and released. We got some pretty cool footage which ill put up later. Shortly after that we had another strike but didn't manage to hook the fish, we were in about 60-70m.

Sunday we headed out again and headed out to fad to find nothing, we then headed back out the front and came across a number of bait balls, the marlin were everywhere just casually cruising around, we tried everything but we were unable to get a strike the water was 23-24 degrees. but still was a fun weekend, How did everyone else go?




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Thanks for the report mate. Some boats went wide,over 300 fathoms for zeros. Seems that in-shore is the go. Find the bait,find the fish....... As the top skippers say "never leave the bait...." work the bait,stay with it & the bite will come.......

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