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Trailerboat fishing tournament


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Im hoping to get up there in my 455 Top Ender. Not fully committed yet though, still working out logistics.

The biggest issue for me is the boat ramp, and waiting behind 413 boats to launch. I have inquired with the marina, and can get a berth for around $300 for the 3 days.

Having never fished port stephens, and looking at all the sanctuary zones etc on the maps, not sure how the fishing will be assuming i wont be able to get outside in my boat.

I would love to meet up with the fishraider brains trust at the briefing if im there.

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Why do i always have something on the weekend a fishing trip comes up . Oh well will tell the wife today i orded the tickets online to day see how she takes it. Will just have to miss the birthday party oppps . Hopefully will catch up with use there if she dosnt kill me first lol.

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Shoal bay an optional but big problem is sheer number and size of the trailer boats h

Shoal Bay ramp has recently been upgraded but still best suited to boats under 5.5mt especially if a N/E is blowing or there is swell coming through the heads.

The car park has also been upgraded & sealed but the parking is still limited.

It's still worth checking out prior to lining up at Little Beach.


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I was thinking maybe we should all get together and have a chat at briefing and share a bit of intel over the days.... Would love to see a Fishraider take it out ... Thoughts??

I'm in for that!!! I'll be putting in on Thursday night maybe, staying on boat with a few quiet ales. If the weather is good, I'll be working fingal and south to birubi Friday. Bay fishes pretty well at night, so will be coming back in doing that. Broughton will be packed but some of the reefs of that fish really well. I'll post when I get the action! What is the agreed radio channel for raiders??? Maybe we can all check in at say 8am 12pm 4pm??? What you think???

Cheers scratchie!!!

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Im now confirmed for the fishing comp. Driving up Thursday arvo, putting the boat in around 7pm and leaving it at the marina, have a berth for the weekend.

I'll be doing a bit of research for the next week and a half, but any tips and hints would be great.

Should defintely meet up on thursday night. Once we get a little closer and know who is going we should PM eachother our mobiles too maybe?

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