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Late night session


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When's for a late night session with my brother in law last night. Got down their about 12 to catch the end of the run out tide.

Got their but no one was catching anything (silly people using bait) so we both headed down to our little gutter.

First cast we are bouth on to nice fish with the next few cast coming up gold for us. Then like a shadow this guy pops up from no where and starts to fish right of my shoulder. Bite slows so the two of us move to a different gutter.

Again the first few cast produce for us then again my shadow returns. Next thing Anth has line being stripped of his reel. And up come a nice flatty that went 68cm. His first over 60 so he wants to take it home To share with his mum and dad. But the shadow casts right next to the fish and gets tangled with Anth. That is it out comes the scissors I cut old mates line and tell him to move on (get lost).

Any way for the night we end up with a few more between us and I was getting really early in the morning so we called it quits and headed home.

Great little session and glad I could help Anth catch his PB and end up with a solid feed.




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Yet again, well done. Single handedly decimating the Illawarra flattie population.

Also, grats to Anth on his bigger model. I'll bet he wanted to kill the guy for tangling him at the most inopportune time, too. Jeez, some people...

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You see many of them crabbing boats in the water last night?

They're killing my prawn and crab haul!

It's embarrassing coming home from a prawn trip with barely a kilo of prawns and 2-3 crabs.

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Yes that's right LungFai I'm from down that way,I remember years ago when I use to bag out on prawns and crabs every time I went out for them.This year every Tom,Dick and Harry know's about our little jewel.Hopefully everyone sticks to the baglimit and not be to greedy.

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