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Turoos Luderick

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My local Luderick location of Durras lake is not producing at all this summer so I have been chasing a few flatties instead. But the withdrawals of the mighty Luderick got too much so we decided to venture to Turoos Lake today.

Set off from home at 6.30 to be wetting the first line at about 7.30, about 3 metres into my first drift and I was on to a nice fish, we had a nice consistent couple of hours of landing fish between the 29cm - 43cm (mainly around the 30cm mark) before the tide finished, so we headed over to the boat shed for some tucker while the tide turned and then got straight into it again on the run up tide, we ended up catching about 60 fish between the 2 of us, keeping our bag limit as its been a while between Luderick feeds and releasing another 20. Caught all but a couple of them on cabbage.

Time to get some sleep and do it all again tomorrow.


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Fished on my own today and it was a lot harder work than Saturday, very small varience in the tide and slow current bought out all the undersize rubbish, struggled to keep a bait on long enough to get to the decent fish as the 2 and 3 inch fish were hammering it, Hit the water at 6.45am and first decent fish wasnt landed until 8.30, ended the day about 4.30pm for 23 fish between 29cm - 41cm.

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