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Sat night Harbour Squid and a tailor


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Had a strange night fishing

We went to clifton gardens with yakkas hoping for something big

Put down a few live as well as some strips

After about 5 minutes my sons breem rod bent and he caught a fair size tailor,

Then we noticed heaps of squid around the boat

They were small and skinny, different to the normal ones I see in the harbour

We quickly put on a squid jig and caught one, before bringing it into the boat i could see 2 others trying to steel it, these were crazy aggressive

I lost count but i think we landed about 20 in total, some were caught on our normal baits just lifting them into the boat or netting them at the side

Will go out later today and try to turn some into kings but was a lot of fun last night and a then there were big fireworks last night that from 100 meters away my 9 year old son thought he was dreaming

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Sounds like your boy enjoyed himself,

those squid you caught are probably arrow squid, they are usually thinner in the hood and have smaller flaps than

southern calamari.


You are right, long skinny bodies

We used them at north head in the morning and caught 3rats which was great as it was my middle son and wife's first king and my oldest sons fist king of the season

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