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Catching up with Tide n Knots


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Finally caught up with Pete yesterday for a blackfish session in the harbour.

Pete had kindly gone out of his way to secure some great weed and even brought his boat along and got the sand for burley as welll...top bloke.

Pete took me to one of his local spots and it wasy quiet with only one fish landed..next..no bites...next no bites...back to the old stamping grounds and I say to Pete " I think there is something wrong with my float it keeps going under" :074: and this continued for five fish before young Peter finally scores then he says '' Its on now" and I reply there must be thousands of blackfish down there now :bleh: We shared a great day out with the laughs after our joke telling had to be seen to be believed...something about cockies with no feathers on their heads,nuns and mother superiors in the desert and something about wind or dust and ducks on a pond.

Mate that was one of best days out I have had and we need to do that much more often.



Oh we released all the fish to fight another day as they had entertained us as well.

Regards Stewy

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thanks for a top day stewy - I laughed so hard that I literally got a cramp in my rib area, I am sure that only made stewy laugh even more!

we actually had two double hookups, the fish seem to come through then dissapear so you just had to have a bait in the water when they were passing through, mind you it didnt help that stewy was hogging the perfect drift then accusing me of casting over him to try and get some action. LOL!

I figured it was my duty to show stewy a good time and really put him on to some fish seeming we were fishing out of my boat and all and now he thinks that he is actually a better fisherman than me but we will let him dream!

looking forward to our next trip stewy and next time the gloves are off!!!LOL. hopefully by then I will have some new jokes to tell!

P.S. I did land about 5 fish eventually even though stewy tried his best to hit them with the landing net.


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It is awesome when you get double hook-ups :icon_peace: you just look at each other with a silly grin on your face and hope that someone else is watching and they were :yahoo:

As for using a net I dont get much of a chance to do that as I am usually hooked up :thumbup:

I have a few jokes still left in my bag for your aching ribs ,Pete

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is that what that silly grin was???? I thought that was just how you look all the time!

- As for using a net I dont get much of a chance to do that as I am usually hooked up..........you forgot to write ON THE BOTTOM at the end of that sentence! :fishing1:

once again thanks for a top day, looking forward to next time - maybe next time i will bring some flour to make bread for bait!!!!!

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