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Shellharbour/Kiama FAD


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Beautiful morning, out from Shellharbour ramp to Kiama FAD getting there around 6.30am.

Only 2 boats there, unfortunately one of them full of spearfishos. Bit hard to cast and jig around a FAD when there's 3 blokes swimming around it trailing floats. Ironic the FAD has sign "Your fishing licenses at work" on it, pretty sure spearos don't need a license. Anyway there were plenty of rat Dollies there, nothing I saw landed over 50cm.

We decided to head in to around Bass point, trolled a good spread of lures for a good 10km but didn't turn a reel. No birds, no bait about, water a good 21-21.3c. Couple of rain showers passed and the water just got flatter afterwards.

We bottom bashed around Bass point, got a couple of 2kg plus Mowies, a nice 2kg Flattie, and assorted by catch- Sargeant Baker, Red Rock cod, even a cuttlefish.

Beautiful day to be out, just bummed nothing out wide for us. Anyone else get anything wide yesterday?

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Manhands, spearos do require a fishing licence. Have a bit of a chat with them, they'll more than likely let you know what they've seen.

Glad they do, I did have a chat with them all they could see was rat Kings and Dollies. They didn't get any, other boat there picked up a couple babies when the spearos got out. Mind you, the Spearos got out pretty quick when the other boat started burleying as you would in 115m water 15km off the coast!

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Thats a very narrowminded view manhands. You seem uneducated. If you new how to be patient and and do drifts past the fad in an orderly fashion you wouldnt have any problems. The fad is there to SHARE. With other fisherman.

As you said in your report ,that you didnt catch much ,this could be a reflection of your lack of fishing skills.

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Harbour hauler, I've happily fished far more crowded FADs than what I had Sunday, and fished the same one amongst a dozen boats. Never fished one with 3 guys in water with 5m tethers off their legs though. My ignorance spearos have to have license though yeh. Lucky I have a license as I spear plenty.

Love to hear your drifting techniques in a current past a FAD with guys swimming in water next to it :) if you have a few boats with line fishing it's not hard to all comfortably fish around a FAD. No we didn't get bugger all around the FAD, was happy to try elsewhere and have a go. Been some great little marlin caught in same water lately so wanted to have a go. Got a good feed so me and guys were happy and always good to be out there.

Thanks for your positive post.

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. Anyone else get anything wide yesterday?


About 3 weeks ago i was deep droping the shelf off kiama. pn the way in we stopped at mt fuji and there where plenty of boats onto marlin. at one time there was 4 marlin hooked up that i could see. 2 seperate boats onto decent size ones and a probably 4.5 m quinnie with a double hook up of smaller maybe 50kg models.


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