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Narrawallee Beach


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Hi guys,

I'm heading down to Narrawallee Beach near Mollymook with the family in a couple of weeks. Would love for someone who knows the area to point me in the right direction. I have the Mrs and baby so I'll be just keeping it simple. I would like to target the usual bread and butter fish off the beach I guess. Is there any bait available to catch or will I need to buy some? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi mate, I get down there once or twice a year and usually manage a few fish from the beach. Have caught bream, whiting, salmon and jewfish from Narrawallee Beach. As for bait, you can get beach worms and pippis from the beach if you know how, and you can pump nippers from the flats in the inlet. There's also plenty of mullet in the inlet as well which you can catch with bread baits.

Obviously look for a good gutter to fish, or fish around the bommie/reef in the middle of beach, and at the north end of the beach towards the headland. As usual, I find most of the action around dawn/dusk and after dark.

Good luck.

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