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Any reports from Batemans Bay/Moruya Heads?


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Just on my way back from skiing in Canada. At Vancouver airport. Hoping to hit the water off BB/Moruya Heads early next week if the weather is OK. I haven't seen a report for Moruya since 8 January. Has anyone been out? The water temp off BB is 21C and has been up around 22C. Any dollies around out at the FAD? How about kingfish off Moruya Heads? Anything at all would be nice.

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Not to much to report from down south.

headed down wednsday night got out about 10 am thursday found some live yakkas. no good on the squid front. set off for the FAD towed some xraps right up close to the Fad and saw some rat kings around but no takers so on with a livie sent it down for a couple of drifts for nothing.

saw a stack of slimies (i think) they were jumping out in front of the boat in around 110m of water out from the bay towed the xraps around the school for abit and nothing again livie down again nothing.

set of a bit further south down towards tuross heads into about 50m of water looked for bait found none. had a bottom bash for nothing but rock cod and wrasse.

then the weather started to close in so back to the ramp and home to clean up the boat then the rain started and didnt really stop untill sunday so didnt bother heading out again.

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