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Great day on Botany Bay 16.02.13


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Hi raiders,

Plan was to hit the bay and bring home some table fish. On the water at about 8:00, just as the tied had turned. Anchored up at a nice little spot I recently discovered with the Missus.

Had a nice steady burley trail working, in a slow steady current. Conditions where ideal. Slight SE and overcast.

Things were looking good.

Bait of choice was hawksbury prawns and pillies. Light sinkers with my favorite

Mustard demon circle hooks in 3/0.

First baits in the water were smashed by small snapper. But then all of a sudden my bro inlaw hooks up big.

After an exciting tug of war up comes the silver flash of a big bream. In the net and 39cm. Not huge but fat and healthy.

From there on it was fairly constant, with bream, flathead,Trevally, whiting, flounder and even an occy.

We ended with 12 bream, 7 Trevally,

2 flathead, 1 whiting, 1 flounder and an occy. We also caught a few baby port Jackson sharks.

Things went quiet at around the turn of the tied. We had a great day, one that hasn't happened for some time. I guess

Persistence pays off.

There where a few happy families when we arrived home.

Get out there guys, and have some fun

Cheers Daniel :)


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Well done Dan thats an awsome haul.

Thanks buddy,

I'm still buzzing. I can't wait to get out again.

Not much luck on the hoodies so far this year?

Hopefully things fire up soon.

Cheers daniel

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Nice haul there, I was out for a few hrs couldn't burly up a thing. Only managing a few flaties on S.Ps.Well doneCheers Luke

Thanks Luke,

I was out a few weeks ago and had a decent day with half a dozen bream, a nice snapper and flathead. I did manage a few decent size flattys on so, 2.5 inch zman grubs, but lost them near the boat.

Here's a pic from our previous catch.


Cheers Daniel

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Great haul! I'd love to get into some of those fish. Went out yesterday for a couple of flathead and under sized tailor. Can't even remember the last time I caught a legal bream, will have to start exploring a little I think. Well done again. Baz.

thanks Baz,

Yeah i think the best thing to do is move around and try those spots you may not normally consider, thats what ive started to do and its paying off.

good luck buddy.


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Yep, ya gotta be cheering with that catch. :yahoo:

Well done. :clapping:

like you djbazzab i couldnt find much the other day either, only a couple of flatties and a flounder

What depth were you fishing Daniel?


Thanks mate.

I was in about 5 meters.

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hey Dan76,

Nice job man, my mate and I were out at Pittwater over the weekend and had the burley trail going but got nothing but 10-15 cm baby snapper. Top stuff man and some beautiful fish you gotta love those days = )

Thanks mate

Those days are the ones you don't forget to soon.

I've still got a smile from ear ear.

Cheers daniel

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DAN DAN DAN!! nice work buddy! i am going to have to pay the old bream spots a visit soon.

Hey buddy thanks.

I've been watching out for one of your kingy reports?? It gives me motivation lol.

It looks like bream on the menu for now, and man am I enjoying it, happy days. :)

Go gettem buddy...

Cheers Daniel

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