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luderick outing parramata river


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Gooday Raiders.I havent posted for a while so here goes.I arrived at my chosen spot first light to fish the last of the runout and beginning of the run in tide.I noticed today that some downs were tentative other downs fish would take off like a rocket gut hooked.In all my years of luderick fishing these fish amaze me at times with their biting patterns.Today it was float goes down 3 foot stays there then comes back up this went on for a while.I was worried that my float was too heavy for the conditions but changed to a lighter float same deal.Quite a few small fish barely legal and the usual nipping the tail trick.The most frustrating thing that happened today was that they were taking the float down out of sight and you would expect to hook up but this went on for a while.I hooked my biggest fish today and the float did not even register these we call sleepers in luderick language.I was wondering if any other luderick fishos can shed some light on why there was no hookups on these fish.I am assuming undersize luderick but can they bite this hard these were rocket downs.I guess thats why we keep coming back for more.I ended up with 8 fish and dropped quite a few with plenty of throwbacks.It was an enjoyable day to be out there.post-13936-0-07527400-1361172039_thumb.jpgCheers steve.

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nice report steve,8 fish is quite a good haul

ive also experienced the same fustration of fish that take the float down hold it than drop it,i dont think its a float issue more of finicking feeding habit.

i am no expert on blackfishing but i do think if your getting sleepers than maybe your fishing a touch too deep,



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Yes John I think they can be frustrating at times.As for the sleeper I was fishing the right depth it happens sometimes.By the way I was the bloke in the railway uniform that you met with Royce and company 2 sundays ago at your fishing spot.

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