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Botany Bay flatties


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Date: Sunday 17th Feb

Time: 3pm

Decided to randomly check seabreeze to see what kind of 30knot+ winds might be blowing in the bay this afternoon. To my extreme shock it was actually forecast to stay under 10knots all arvo! Quickly made the call to setup the boat for a quick flick in the bay.

First stop was in the middle of the bay for a drift.. few hits but no hookups. Motored over to Kurnell to try flicking some squidgies around the sand patches/ weed beds. After about 5mins, felt a hit and struck... ZZzzZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz the first run was a good one! After tightening the drag on my little Daiwa 2000 with 4lb leader the fight was on. It was a tense few minutes until we saw some colour, nice lizard!!.. After some careful net-play the first fish was in the boat, a PB for me smack bang on 60cm. Few snaps and then it was back to the fishing.


After about 5mins got another hit and struck, this time it was a short fight, my first snapper on plastics, only 25cms so back in the drink it went. By this time we had drifted a fair way so motored back to the starting point. After another few casts I was on again! Very similar fight to the first lizard although this one measured in at 50cm.


After that things went a little quiet so we made the call to head to Towra point. The sun was beginning to set and just before we decided to pack it in a 40cm model was landed.

All in all a great little arvo session, very satisfying to finally get a feed using lures, I've spent my fair share of time reading posts on here and watching Paul Worsteling on IFISH but it was great to finally have a plan come together. All fish were caught between 2-3 metres of water.

Thanks for reading!

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