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Friday and Monday night.


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I'll start with Friday night and boy was it fun.

My dad asked me to take him fishing and show him how to use soft plastics for flattys. Well down to old faithful and arrive at 9pm. Great timing with the tide changing, that is what I was thinking.

We did not get a bite for the first 2 hours then it was on with cast after cast hooking up. But looked at my dad and had no idea what he was doing so I put the rod down and started to give in a few tips.

Between giving home some tips I was watching a nice flatty moving around on the sand flat, pointed it out to the old man and with his first cast he hooked up tight to the biggest flatty between us at 55cm. All up over 4 hours we ended up with 13 for the night.

Monday Night what a night to remember with the brother in law. Got down to Windang around 11pm with it being between tide but did notice a few squid zipping round. First cast got a nice little inker then dropped another 2. Changed to a lighter jigg and again straight on with another then dropped 3 more.

Ted started to run in and the all vanished.

So on with the plastics first cast we are both on to to solid flattys. Over the next hour we both get stretched by 80cm Plus models with both straightening the hooks.

Over the next 3 hours it is fish after fish and we thought that we had both bagged out but when we got home and counted up their was only 19 (maybe next time).

All fish have been split up between family members with open arms. What a great night to bond with my brother in law. Now it's time to eat some fillets.

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