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Hey all,

As Seabreeze predicted the weather to turn into the south and kick up, the Scent Blazer crew took to the water to head wide in search of Mr. Marlin!! As we left the berth the wind slowly increased and before reaching North Head we had a stiff 25knots on the nose from the NE.


The plan was to run up to the Sydney North FAD then up to the Manly Hydraulics buoy and then northeast and out to the Bait Station then east in the search for a Blue.

So as we passed through North and South Head we were greeted by short sharp swell and sea so we sat on a comfortable speed of 15 knots.

As we had just over 4 miles to travel we dropped a new Scent Blazer brass head prototype out the back and made way for the FAD, the water started out river brown then to a shade of turquoise where we were greeted by 2.5 knots of current running down the hill and 24.6 degrees. A mile before the mark we dropped a range of Scent Blazer’s in, from Nano’s to Small’s with the two on the riggers with inline circles, all chambers were loaded with Pilchards.

post-22587-0-49555500-1361487418_thumb.jpg post-22587-0-79233100-1361488035_thumb.jpg

Approaching the FAD we could see hundreds of dollies swimming and jumping around in the current and as we passed a triple hook up! The lure with the J hook got spat after a few jumps but the circles found their mark and both fish stayed connected despite the many jumps in order to throw the hooks.


After loosing that fish we continued to drag lures past but he must of told his mates and they all became shy, so off we went to the Hydraulics buoy where we were greeted by a large amount of dollies with a few bigger fish amongst them. Again the first past resulted in a triple hook up and you guessed it, the circles found their spot and stayed there. Using a big dropped back and light drags ensured the circles found their mark and connected us to the fish.


Pass after pass we got numerous hook ups of 2, 3 and 4’s. After catching and keeping 8 legal’s and releasing 20+ undersize fish we changed over the lures to bigger Scent Blazers from Smalls to Large in Purple frigates loaded with stripe tuna to Green Mackerel’s and Sardine patterns loaded with mackerel and sardines/pilchards.

The water temp rose quickly to 26.3 and changed to a cobalt blue; the current was raging at 5.6 knots and was quickly becoming lifeless. As we passed the shelf and then the bait station and out into 300 fathoms but we didn’t turn a reel, so the decision to head back into 70 fathoms to the temp break and look for a stripe.

On our way back in we spotted birds working very tightly just inside the shelf as we approached we could see striped tuna clearing the water, jumping 1m out of the water.

They were feeding on mini size flying fish about 4inch in size. We passed them a number of times only to have them ignore the lures so the call was made to up the speed to 13 knots and before you knew it we had a double hook up on stripies!!


I guess it pays to vary your speed to get different results, I’ve seen it countless times where game fisherman only know one speed, 8 knots! Small things such as speed can be the different between fish and no fish. If we continued to pull lures at 8 knots there was a good chance we wouldn’t have caught a thing! So remember be versatile and your results will increase.


After catching many stripies we worked the area into the dark in search of a possible marlin feeding on the stripies but with no joy we pulled in the lures and headed for Sydney.


See what lures we caught the fish on at http://scentblazer.com/Products/Specials.aspx

Tight Lines



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Awesome report. :) Are you guys using circle hooks? If so what are the pros and cons?

Thanks mate, yea we are using circle hooks with some success. Ive written a write up on our site. heres the link: http://scentblazer.com/MyScentBlazer/Articles/CircleHooksinlures.aspx

Let me know your thoughts.

Tight Lines



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