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Two Huge Flathead from Sussex


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Fished Sussex Inlet last Friday to Sunday competing in Nowra ANSA Convention.

Fishing very slow and only caught one fish per day, but all good ones.

Friday 4.46kg caught on 1kg line came second in Estuary Division. (Pic with me in hat}

Saturday 5.64kg caught on 1kg line won Estuary Division. (Pic with me no hat). Pending NSW 1kg line class record beating old record by about 0.6kg but was just a couple of hundred grams short of 32 year old National Record,
Sunday 2.8kg caught on 1kg line. Didn't take pic of this "little" one.

Two big girls were kept alive in my purpose built flathead live tank you can see in second and third photos and released after weighing.

Last one was injured in gills, so had her for dinner.

A top weekend with others from StGeorge Sportfishing Club meeting each night for a feed and a few ales while strategising the next days fishing.




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When it comes to trophy flatties, you can't beat the Sussex system. One of the best kept secrets in NSW.......ooops, now it's not! Great job on 1Kg line. Better job having to release them. Best of all is the personal recognition.

I can't wait to get down there at the end of March. Leave some for me!



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Both fish were short for weight but extremely good condition.

4.46kg was 76mm and 5.64 was 87mm


Flathead are the same everywhere. Find the drop-offs, find the bait and you will find the fish.


I was fishing a Australian National Sportfishing Association (ANSA) comp. Pretested line must be used and formula used where the lighter the line the more points it scores. So the aim is to catch the biggest fish on lightest line, not kill a lot of fish like some comps.

Example 3kg flatty on 2kg line= 150 points. 2kg flatty on 1kg line = 200 points and smaller fish wins. I specialise in catching flathead on 1kg line in these comps and have a 1200mm long special live tank made so I can keep fish alive to release after weighing, as don't like killing these big breeders.

Breaking record was a bonus, I held the record for years and glad to have it back. Next goal is try for National record.


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Guest Aussie007

Quality fish and great work on the 1kg mainline.

What size leaders do you join to the mainline?


good question i would like to know the same thing :)

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I use about 8kg fluro carbon between sinker and hook as a bit of insurance against their teeth for what is usually a long fight, however it's rarely needed as I use big mouth hooks that work like circles as they usually pull out until they sit-up and lip hook the fish.


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top stuff!! and well done on the catch and release

are these comps bait only or are there people in the same comp working plastics?

also, what gear were you using? for 1kg line, you'd be looking at something small like a 1000 size reel right?

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