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Smashed my PB Pig today!


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Every week I look forward to Tuesdays - it's the day I get to fish and with the bad weather looking like it had passed I was looking forward to it even more.

On that note, I just want to say I really feel for the people who were effected by the storms in Kiami and Malabar. I've been to Kiama plenty of times and was really sad to see the destruction on the news. I hope everyone is ok. I live in Randwick which is 5 minutes from Malabar - and I drove through there yesterday and it looked pretty bad. Houses can be fixed, but I hope no one was really hurt.

I got to Kurnell just before sunrise. It was still dark, and I had just stopped off by Macs bait bar in Blakehurst to buy a couple of hundred grams of prawns. The plan was to get on the rocks as early as I could as the tide was pretty big (1.9m) and the swell was reasonable, and I wanted to gathe some Cunje and maybe crabs for bait, and use the prawns as a back up.

I threw out some bread and Tuna oil berly while I was gathering the Cunje, and upon seeing the swell raging a bit decided to forget about the crabs and just concentrate on wetting a line as soon as I could. After cutting it up and putting it all in my bait bucket, I was ready to fish! The sun had just come up, there wasn't a lot of wind and the swell and tide looked great.

There was another fisho about 50m away and we had the place to ourselves it looked like. I didn't know him but he kept looking back and checking up each time a wave hit the rocks to see if I was ok - which was really good of him. I did the same too. He was squidding - and about half an hour into the session he yelled out to me and held up this monster squid! I gave him a big thumbs up.

Anyway, back to my report. I baited up my hook with cunje, and dropped the line into the wash. Tap, tap, tap...then a big pull and gone! I think I struck too late. At least they were there! So I baited up again and dropped the line out - not knowing what I was just about to be in for...

Tap, tap, tap....BAM! This time I struck harder and faster and I was on! I could feel some big head shakes and pulling runs from side to side - I knew it was going to be pretty big. He made a big run to some reef on the left and I managed to keep pumping the Alvey hard enough - and I was relieved to still feel him on there shaking and pulling. I had to contain my excitement and nerves and get this thing up. When it surfaced - I almost crapped my pants! It was huge! I didn't want to drop it now, and silly me didn't have a net so I waited for the next wave and washed him up onto the rocks. He was a monster! Ended up measuring 52.5cm and just under 3kg. By far and away, my personal best pig!

My new fisho mate was quick to come and have a look - and I took a photo of him and his monster squid and he took a photo of me and my monster pig! I caught another one about 39cm which would have seemed pretty big - but next to the other guy it was dwarfed. The big pig barely fit in the esky!

All in all - a great day!





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Thanks everyone.

Just used a simple size 0 sinker straight down to size 2 0 Harimitsu Cut Blade hook, and 25 pound Schnieder mono. No swivel.

It was a very hard and heavy fight but only lasted a short time.

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