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Port Hacking


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Tried South West Arm early this morning for something different. Apart from a frigate mackerel, no other decent bites, just the usual little reddies. Had a live yellowtail swimming about for a while, but no takers. Bit of colour in the water

Pumped a few nippers at Mainbar and pulled out 2 whiting there, then drifted around a few dfferent spots for 2 more whiting and 1 flattie. The flattie was just under 50cm, one whiting at 35cm and the others around 30cm. Not one bite at Lilli Pilli flats, the fish were on the sandbanks along the main channel.

Headed home to Gunnamatta Bay and saw a number of birds working opposite the baths. The fish had stopped jumping by the time I stopped there, but had a few spins for 1 tailor a bit over the size limit.

Someone posted a little while ago about jumping flathead. The one I hooked this morning tail walked along the surface for a couple of metres before diving down again. Not that common, but unusual to watch a flathead doing it.

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