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My little mate!


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After all the terrible weather we've been having up here, I found an excuse to take my little mate fishing for an hour. We set off to our local spot with our $5 servo prawns and was greeted by a moderate n/e wind. Not deterred, I baited up and out went the lines, tap tap bang and I was on first cast, knowing it was a small fish over went the rod to my 3yo. Big fish I here dad as he winds the line, to which I reply "yeah mate". The smile on his face was priceless. He brings it in and yeah small squire. He was very proud of himself and wanted to throw it back in. So I took it off the hook and passed to him to return it to the water. As he tossed it, he must have brushed its spike. "Bit me dad". Oh well mate, let's go again ay! Yep! He passed me a prawn I baited up and out it went. This step was repeated several times with my son saying "prawns don't bite dad". I said no mate there's a good reason for that, anyway! We managed a few more small fish and a bream about 24cm. It was a great time spent with my little mate and he learnt that prawns don't bite but fish do! Which was repeated all the way home!

And I learnt that a $5 pack of prawns can provide a great hours entertainment and bonding with your boy!


post-24974-0-45105600-1362039084_thumb.jpg priceless

Cheers scratchie!!!

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Thank you to everyone that replied. I'm glad it brought back memories for some and I hope it inspired others to do the same! That is what quality time is about! Not iPods and Xbox!

My little mate and me have agreed to go fishing every Thursday we can.

Cheers scratchie!!!

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