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Clifton Gardens 02/03/2013


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Hit Clifton Gardens on Saturday night despite the weather with a few mates.

We were lucky to have clear weather for the few hrs we fished however the wind was blowing quite hard.

Fished for about 4hrs with 9 fish caught - all baby snapper - no bigger than 15cms

thats 3 visits to clifton with nothing for the table - Anyone else fish clifton gardens have any tips??

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Although I don't fish it much anymore, Clifton Gardens tended to be very hit and miss in my experience, with more misses than hits. If there are baitfish or squid about, then there's usually a bit more activity from the kingies and salmon/tailor in the area. Otherwise, try to generate some activity with lots of burley, which should attract any trevally or bream around, and might fire up the luderick (if you're using bread burley/bait) that hang around there. Your best bet though is probably the resident population of leatherjackets which can be caught on small prawn baits on small long shank hooks dropped next to the pylons.

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mate...need to burley hard at clifton...we go there just before sunrise usually...we usually catch yakkas bream trevs jackets salmon tailor using pillies chicken prawns bread for bait...same with balmoral...i havent seen anyone catch any big ones there lately...

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