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I Love This Place....


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My plans for an early start this morning were dashed.... first I sleep in a bit and then had a hell of a time as I found the hitch lock for the trailer whould not cooperate with the key :1badmood: So I gave it a good talking too and a bit of um.. a tickle with a tire iron. The neighbours were not happy...doh. I am gunna tell them it was the builders next door. :biggrin2:

Got on the water from tunks at 8pm :ranting2: and headed out to greet a beautifull day.

Chucked in a cd14 redhead at North Head and started the run up the coast. Got only a few 100 meters when the rod goes off and I pull in a very annoyed large garnett??? with a treble stuck in the webbing of one foot. I dragged him up to the boat and while he ranted, regurgitated and soaked me, I somehow managed to remove the treble without damaging him too much.

The rest of the trip up to bluefish was less than ideal so I pulled the pin on the rapala and zipped around Manly way.

There were a few boats around on the pick so I flicked a plastic around and soon got a nice trev while another boat got a few trevs on the fly.

Now some here may know of my one and only past fly capture.... :badair: It was foul hooked so I wanted to catch somthing that wanted to eat my fly, as I am sure you all can understand, so out came the fly gear. After a few bad casts, I come up tight and get that first real fish...


A nice we trev....

I was a happy lad and in all my yelping I mention to the swoffas in the boat that it was my first.

Well...these great guys tell me there are sambos round, give me a epoxy fly and offers some advice on how to pick one up myself. :thumbup:

It was only a short time later that the fly was hit and as he took the first run.. ... I popped the leader at the loop knot due to some enthusiastic drag against the cork grip....doh :badair:

I rig back up, tie a home spun fly on, and 5 min later I am on again....

I found playing a good fish on fly gear at bit strange at first but soon got into the swing. I guess I was lucky it was only bout 20" so he could not get right down and after a jump just went round and round the boat, before I got him in the net.

A yelp from me and a cheer from the weekend paddlers... I got me my first sambo on the fly... :yahoo:


Stayed another hour or so looking for another sambo or even a king for zip....meanwhile the good lads swoffing nearby pulled in a couble of kings, more sambos and heaps of trevs!

There was also this...a bit of a boat dance on a double hookup of a king and a sambo.


Ah... I feel good.

And I feel even better knowing I have tomorrow off and will be out there again. :thumbup:


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Congrats digger; great report and pix! Specially as I read it at work after looking out a window at a near windless day all day! PS Love that glass console in which the guys have that double hookup. Very tasty little sportfisher! Cheers Bombie

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Guest Jocool
PS Love that glass console in which the guys have that double hookup. Very tasty little sportfisher! Cheers Bombie


Is that a Haines Bombie??? Looks good!

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Now I would love to report that today I had a repeat of Sunday but I was called in to work and had to look over the harbour and weep :1badmood:

May take an rdo later in the week though.

The fish do feel good on the fly Ken. Much more direct...just gotta watch the line when it wizzes out from round the feet. :1yikes:

Swoff, it was Sydney Harbour mate. I won't be coy....go right up and round bluefish pt and it was all happening on the stretch as you head in toward shelly beach. Put down a pick, burly up and fish the fly right down along the bottom.


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