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Burrill beach hot hot


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Went down there with the brother in law took us 3 months to convince the women to go without em and the kids.

Got there on Sunday morning the 24th of feb. got live worms from tabourie beach and in the afternoon headed down burrill beach caught over the three days there:

Me: 9 whiting keepers between 29 to 36 cm, 2 salmon,2 tailors

Brother in low: 12 whiting 2 big bream 32 and 38 cm

Great fishing and weather too

After I got back home told the mrs that I missed her and the holiday without her didn't feel great( bull s...).

And I said to her next time I'll ask u to let me go without u , don't let me , unless I insist too much


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Hahaha I always ask if the missus if she wants to come with me on the rainy and cold days, always get a no response (I wonder why!?!?), love having the kids with me though; but also like a bit of time alone when fishing...

Top catch and a top bucket of worms! Gun bait!

Well done mate!

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