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Prawning this weekend Coila/Tuross Lakes


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Hi all,

Off on the regular March trip to Tuross and notice that the moon is right (dark) for some prawning.

That is about the extent of my knowledge unfortunately, I have the light and net, etc but need some pointers.

My 10yo son and I went wading last year around part of Coila lake near the closed entrance and found heaps of small prawns

but only a couple of larger ones. Was still good fun but I would appreciate some advice to improve our catch this year.

Do we need to walk further on the northern shoreline or along the Tuross side? Any help on where to go, etc would be appreciated.

Also we are staying at the beach holiday park so would it be worthwhile trying ito net some prawns in front of there on the outgoing tide?

Thanks a lot.

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Hi mate.

If i were you id be heading to Tuross lake for the prawns (and flatties),

i find that its ALOT better when the tides running too (outwards),

if the mouth was open at Coilla lake itd be great but if its closed id fish Tuross beacause of the tides,

areas to look are around the mouths of the estuaries or anywhere theres ribbon weed,

im prawning this weekend too,

and then turning them into bream and flathead hopefully, :sun:

good luck mate they should be on, great tides to go with the new moon.

cheers and welcome to the forum too.

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