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South Palmy 6/3/13


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Went out for my usual Wed morning fishing session with 2 of my mates before work....

Conditions were supposed to be good 4am high tide 1.6m with a <1m easterly swell, wind negligible and a chance of early showers...perfect!

headed to palmy ferry wharf for a few liveys...water was like choc milk still brown as from all the big rains we have had last week....yakkas took a while to fire up only managed 6 before we had to head off for the rocks.

started off with a bang..... brought 2 left rock boots! must have grabbed one of mine and one of my bro's :wife:, wind was abit bigger than forecasted last night prob 14+ knots blowing face on with a light shower.

wind + swell + rain meant it was face on and very splashy......

Rigged before 1st light and all 3 of us had our first liveys out in the water....drift was ok but swell direction and wind made it move across the ledge pretty quick.. water clarity was pretty bad and still alot of flotsam around!

over next 2 hours all our liveys got smashed by taylors we landed 4 around the 45-60cm mark

we each sent one out live under a balloon but no takers.....2/3 died within the hour so my taylor was the only livey we had out ( untouched the whole time till we pack up)

Mean while my mate has rerigged with gang pillies unweighted under a float casts it out .... literally as soon as it hits the water he's on ..... bigger fish! he's feeling head shakes and screams for the gaff!

washes up a nice 5kg jew onto the ledge below us and its quickly gaffed before the next wave

photo time and i reach into my pocket to get out my phone :ranting2: :ranting2: :ranting2: :ranting2: :ranting2:

i keep my phone in a ziplock bag so its usually nice and dry but must have holed the bag somehow and there's a tiny amount of water inside the bag ....literally a few drops but phone has decided to short out...

damn my new Samsung note II !! its drying out in a bag of rice....fingers crossed it starts up when i try it out tomorrow !

oh well......... otherwise a decent day fishing
no photos unfortunately :(

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mate...well done on d jew...my mates iphone got wet when he was fishing at avoca...took it to applestore n got a replacement for free...hope the same thing for your samsung...just want know if d spot u go to is near d rockpool if u dont mind sharing...thanks

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