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Botany bay Jewfish a big Bonny and a 50cm flathead


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Went out on saturday 9th march got out on the water and 5am, went straight to squid grounds wasted a quater of a day chasing squid and only managed one, Went to the live bait spot (yakkas) near the tugs spent 30 minutes there caught 8 solid yakkas and a 50cm Flathead. Started trolling up and down the northhead on the first troll caught the bonny with plenty of action down deep and in the top to middle water column. After another 40 mins trolling with no luck and regretting not having the right size sinker bomb for our Downrigger went back to mollineaux point and anchored up after 15 minutes we were on. A nice Jew fish surfaces after issues with the gaff we finally got it in.

Here's the video of our day

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Well done there Col.Fellow Youtuber :) Top Jew there I saw it got clean. Did you anchor up in the channel?

I am terrified to anchor there as I lost a few anchors there.

Sound like you guys had a good day bad luck on the squid.

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Haha man yeah ive lost an anchor there aswell but we anchored more around the side of the point (as you can see in my video), in the channel (20mtrs). I find anchoring right off the point does the anchor damage

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