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A week in Forster


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This was to be our 5th trip to Forster and with all the rain the water was the colour of chocolate at the start of the week. We did manage to get out amongst the oyster leases on the last days twice but was not to be a successful trip. We went out as the tide turned to go out so the water was a lot clearer. We caught a few undersize Bream on chicken and pilchards around the leases. Then tried along the banks where the highlight was watching a barely legal flathead engulf my chicken bait in about 8ft of water.

We then moved under the bridge and threw poppers and lures hoping to catch all the whiting we could see in the clearer water. With no luck on the whiting we just sat and watched a local catch a fish with every cast around the bridge. It looked like he was using metal lures to catch Whiting?

In 5 trips to Forster we are still yet to catch a legal Bream or Whiting.... we will keep trying and crack it eventually :fisher:

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Shame the water was still so dirty - it is just starting to clear now (on the in tide, anyway!)

Don't give up on us tho! In Dirty water conditions, often the Breckinbridge Channel will clear quicker than the main channel, as there aren't so many rivers draining in to it ...... some buddies were here on the weekend with their yaks & they got into the odd bream, (one nice enough to tow one guy & bust him off ....) and lots of flatties & small bream caught.

You can usually get whiting on poppers around the shallows of the bridge on the northern side.

Hmmmm metals for whiting? Unusual Maybe blades? You should get bream & flatties on them around the bridge too. Just beware the current!

Better luck next time!


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