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Fished Narrawallee beach Friday night. One keeper bream and then a half hour battle with a 1metre shark. Got it to the shore before the usual happend. Snap! The most bizarre part was I was using 2kg line! I was patient but it must have been hooked right in the corner of the mouth.

Second night at Mollymook was very disappointing. We found a gutter which looked absolutely perfect. Deep water, white foamy cover, live pipis. Result was zilch. I still can't work it out. High tide on dusk too.

Anyway if anyone has done well down there recently I would be keen to find out what I did wrong.

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I fished Narrawallee beach (near the island in the middle of the beach) back in January and managed 5 good sized keeper bream and a couple of just undersized whiting. Beach worms are the gun bait according to the locals I spoke to there but I couldn't catch any. However I had good success with live nippers pumped from the inlet. Those baits might be worth a try.

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