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Kurnell Boat Ramp


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Hello All

Just a warning about Kurnell Boat Ramp. Recent weather has dumped alot of sand on the ramp. The word is quite a few cars have drowned recently.

I used it on the weekend and wouldn't like to try it on anyrthing lower than a half tide. So pick your tides if using it.

Heres a photo I found on the local facebook page.


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The RMS & Council have spent hundreds of thousand $$$ up grading this ramp & unless you have a decent 4WD the ramp is use less if trying to retreive any sort of boat over 4.5mt when the tide is low.

The sand is one issue making traction very difficult. This could be easily fixed by extending the rock wall on the Eastern side.

But , the main problem is , the ramp is too short by about 1mt & the end of the ramp , instead of blending into the sand has a 150mm drop off.

This photo was taken at low tide & as can be seen , the end of the ramp is not far from the waters edge


Put the two together , at or near low tide , with a 2WD vehicle & retreival is near impossible.

I heard a comment that the ramp length came about as there is sea grass at the end of the ramp & this should not be disturbed.

What fish in it's right mind would decide to breed at the end of a ramp. Unlikely any.!!!! but that's what happens when politicians get involved


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