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Who's targeting what for the pirtek?


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G'day raiders just curious as to what people have decided to target for the pirtek challenge this year?

With NSW getting bread and butter species bream, flathead, whiting and bass just wondering what people will be spending there time fishing for

Me personally I'm going to target some big duskies and if that doesn't work a deep drift for some big sandies

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Flathead for me too. but i dont think im a chance of cracking the 93cm mark, which is what won last year.


ill proberly troll down south then and have a deep drop. the mistery lenght prise is alwasys a possibility.

just a great excusse for to me to out for a fish on sunday, :wife: , replace my hat from last year and support a great cause.

cheers Luke

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Gonna enter the comp now. It is time I got a size measurement mat. Probably just gonna be fishing solo landbased somewhere. I'm open to other plans if some friends/raiders have other ideas. I'll most likely be targeting bream.

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Just entered, taking my dad fishing...aiming for Flatties, last time I took him fishing I caught my 94cm .....hopefully hes a good luck charm

Hopefully he is!!! I'm taking all mine. Hope it doesn't way the boat down too much. Lol

Cheers scratchie!!!

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We trolled south for zeros. set up a drift off stanwell and picked up a few flatties to 55cm, then the toads turned up.

No winner there but great to be out on a top day.

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