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How do i catch Yakkas?

Guest mike2153

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Guest mike2153

Hi guys as the title states whats everyones tactics for catching yakkas. Ive seen someone on Bundeena wharf with a can of tuna trying to catch them with small bait.

What size hooks and rigs should I use? where are some good wharfs or spots around middle harbour? or central coast?

What does everyone use for burley?

Also how does everyone hook them for love bait? trolling them and just letting them sit? Picturs anyone?

Also can anyone help me with how to rig them up with a float for pelagics?

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Balmoral Wharf..

Burley up with bread, cat food and pilli bits. Fish a simple 6lb handline with a small hook (size 8 or smaller) and a tiny split shot.

Use tiny pieces of squid and pilli for bait.

This is my never fail in a way

Cheers, Tom

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Guest Aussie007

ive only fished middle harbour once but in the bay there easy to catch using a sibiki jig with the smaller size hooks bait each hook with squid burley with bread place some water in a bucket and mash up the bread in the bucket than chuck half a handful over at a time and dropp the sabiki jig in the burley

we caught 18 yakkas the other day in about 15-20mins went back the next day and they were all gone :(

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If they are there then basically any sort of burley will do the job. Chicken or rabbit pellets will also work & can be cleaner & easier to use than some other types of burley.

The best place to purchase pellets produce stores. You can buy a few kg's for a couple of $$$$ As for the rig , use the Sibiki.

These come in a range of sizes , for yakka , the smaller ones with size 8 or 10 hooks work best.

They normally come with 6 hooks on a jig. I find these become easily tangled when unhooking the fish so I cut them down & make 2 X 3 hook jigs.

Unhooking is faster & the jig back in the water quicker.

Hooking , if trolling through the jaw , if on the anchor or drifting then either through the jaw or just behind the head.

A ballon , located a few meters from the hook , work well to float Yakkas away from the boat or if land based


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Burley is essential, put heaps out there initially, once they're in the area, only a little at a time. I use a plastic burley dispenser with a snapper lead in it, and just the big pre packaged pellets of tuna or prawn burley.

You can buy live bait jigs with multiple hooks or create your own with a couple hooks hanging off a paternoster rig, a very very small sinker that will allow the bait to sink slowly through the water column.

An aerator will keep your yakkas alive for longer, but you still need to rotate the water intially because the yakkas foul the water with their kaka and weewee which is what kills them eventually


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