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Blackfish Success In the Harbour


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Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls,

On the weekend hawkesbass was nice enough to help me out and take me down to one of his spots and put us onto a pod of healthy blackfish!

After a late night for myself friday night we were up at the 'cracka and on our way to attempt to put a dent in the sydney blackfish population. Whilst hawkesbass was kind enough to tell me to focus on blackfishing and blackfishing only, I couldn't help but throw a whiting rig on my smallest jew killer rod and as luck would have it the manky prawn came up trumps on that and delivered a healthy blue swimmer which went 20cm across his back and was full of meat :).

The days blackfishing kicked off with a 23cm variety which was thrown back into the drink to fight another day. As the morning continued, between paying attention to the wrong rod and missing downs on the float, netting fish for each other and keeping the chief of security at bay we managed 10 solid keepers and a bream! We were both stoked with the catch, from what hawkesbass told me it was a "quiet day", and I am now a fully fledged pro blackfishermen (though I havnt caught a single one since haha). Nevertheless it was a fantastic day out and a great opportunity to meet up with one of the mysterious DFC boys.

While we were fishing I got a call from a bloke who was selling a boat and the two of us ventured with the cleaned fish in the esky down to have a gander and before you know it I was the proud new owner of a boat! So once thats sorted out Kings will be on the cards once more and I may have to hit up a couple of you for some pointers and to get onto some fish.

Thanks for having a read hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed the fillets! the biggest went 38cm and we left them biting of course ;)

Tight lines!






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