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another hot blackfish session in the harbour


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gday raiders I went out for another crack some blackfish this afternoon and arrived at my chosen spot around 3pm. Unfortunately I was unable to fish the spot where I had success on saturday as the wind was making it almost impossible so I chose another spot where the wind was at my back and it worked out pretty good. things weren't real hot for the first 1 1/2hrs or so only landing 2 fish and losing 2, then all of a sudden in the last half hour before 6pm I was getting a fish on almost every cast landing 8 more and losing 2 others . I finished up with 10 fish again but 8 in the last half hour !post-8689-0-93568800-1363263595_thumb.jpeg

All fish were kept in a keeper bag and released before leaving to fight another day!


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Great way to finish the day, Pete! Can't wait to get back on the water & give them a crack myself!!

Well done


You should keep the odd one & smoke them up - they taste lovely!!

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