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Battery charging?


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Hi all

i have a quick question for some sparky orientated people.

i have a 3 battery system on my boat #1 & #2 run the main electronics stuff like lighting radios fish finder and starting these are on the standard isolator switch set up I.E. 1 or 2 or 1+2 or off.

#3 is dedicated fridge battery wired up to a 12v outlet

all 3 charge off the donk (175hp Etek) while running and #1 & #2 have a solar set up to trickle feed while at anchor or on the drift.

now for the question is there a battery charging regulator fit for marine purpose that will allow the solar pannels to trickle feed all 3 batteries?

i was told by the dealer that these did not exist but find that hard to believe as i think i have seen them for 4wd before.

so to sum up is it possible to have a regulator to charge 3 batterys as required via the 2 different inputs (Donk + Solar)

i do have a ctek charger to top up the mains and aux at home but am worried the fridge battery will die on a prolonged trip at anchor

long winded but i hope i have worded my question correctly


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