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Portable fish finder


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Hi Raiders,

I'm in dire need of a good quality portable fish finder for my tinnie. I fish around Sydney harbour and around north and south head. I don't want a wristwatch one, but would like a decent finder with colour.

Any advice, thoughts & ideas would be really appreciated. I have been looking at an Eagle Fisheasy 350c portable from the USA and wanted to know if anyone has bought finders from the US before?



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Get a GoPro.

Mount it underneath ya tinnie.

Whip out the iphone or android phone.

Boot up the GoPro app and Voila, full colour with real life feed back :074: .

Now if only there was a thermo lens attachment or night vision lens, you can then stalk that Jew fish to his hole :devil:

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Depends on what you call portable? I need to remove mine as it is a car topper. I have a slide attatched to the transon for the transducer and a RAM mount on the unit !

Fish-on Just to expand on Bluefin post why does it need to be portable? Is it a security issue.

Do you mean "removable"

In checking the web , the 350C is discontinued & replaced with the Lowrance Elite 4x.

If someone in the US is selling the 350C then it's old stock & old technolagy. Also , buying this type of product from overseas has no Australian warrenty. Suggest you buy from a local supplier.

For interest , the 4x cost around $260 but I would spend an extra $50 & purchase the 4x DSI which has downscan.


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Hi Geoff & Bluefin, the unit needs to be portable as i fish out of a 4m tinnie, which lives chained to a tree in North Harbour.

Will look into the two you mentioned; didn't realise the one I was looking at has been discontinued.

Cheers all, thanks for the advice!


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go to Bias Boating website search for transducer slide. I have 2 of them on the back of a 375 makocraft topper tracker. 1 for the transducer and 1 for the down and side imaging transducer for a HDS8 unit which is mounted to the side of the boat with a RAM mount.

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