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Put the boat in on sunday at a lazy 8 oclock and headed out to shark island for a solo drummer session. the water look prefect, not an ounce of wind. Due to the lack of swell there was hardly any wash but through out some burley and chucked out a few unweighted royal reds into the wash that was there. Spent about one and a half hours with nothing but one bust off. I decided to give it a miss and hook up with matt and chris who were out groper fishing and were nice enough to give me a couple of crabs. I had the overhead there with 30 pound main and 90 pound trace so i chucked on a crab and dropped it down. I also chuck out a unweighted royal red with my drummer set up 14 pound braid and 20 pound trace and chucked it in the rod holder. It was about half an hour before i got a hit on the crab, wow these things have some pull . It didn't have much size about it but plenty of kick.post-610-1122881613_thumb.jpg Just as i got it in the boat the other rod started screaming i grab it and pulled back to try and get it away from the bottom. i had the rod at 45 degress of the water and the rod tip was in it. after i fun little battle i brought in the second brown post-610-1122881891_thumb.jpg All in all a great day to be on the water and i can't wait to try and catch a blue..

Cheers Evan,

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i was fishing in palmy the other day and right infront of me was this massive blue thing!!! scared the living daylight out of me as its literally 1metre from my feet!!!

I thought it was a shark but uppon closer look it was a massive blue groper!

i quickly threw out a squid jig :1prop: but it swam off :(

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