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Got a taste of kings


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but a bitter one.

With the excuse of the Fishing Comp, we went out real early.

Never saw such a long queue at 6am at Roseville Ramp !

Caught about 8 yakkas at Balmoral and then we moved to middle head.

Did put out 2 rods, and started to move around.

Just when I saw some nice bait ball on the sounder with some bigger ones below,

I warned the crew that we are moving into the strike zone.

I didnt even finish the sentence, and one of the reels when off.

My son did strike straight away, engaging the brake, but nothing on the line.

The hook came back empty. I suppose the fish was not swallowed completely.

After that just snagd lines and lines in the propeller, because of my "skilled" crew.

Note to myself ( Don't chase kings with "occsasional" fishing friends. Better soak prawns )

How old does a Kid have to be, to steer a boat under 4Knots?

Anyway, another 2-3 turns, with no success, and a trail of canooist coming through

we decided to move on. Nothing on all the other spost. What a devastating defeat!

I came home ready to sell the boat, the rods, the lures, everything related to fishing.

I cleaned the boat, the rods, put the tackle away, opened a cold beer, and sat in the pool.

"I will be back" on easter !

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