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Port Stephens report


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Went up to port over the weekend with plenty of action.

We found some small blacks up around the Gibber but were unlucky to get 0 from 3.

All were hooked slow trawling slimmies.

Water temp at Gibber 23.6 and 22.9 out wider. Plenty of surface action in 80-100m water where we got into the yellow fin, small 5-10kg range on deep divers and 6 inch skirts.

From what i heard the car park was pretty quiet over the weekend.

Plenty of reds came out of the sisters also as there is plenty of bait and bonito in the area.

Had a great weekend might head up again this weekend

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Yep. They were everywhere! My mate hooked one on a bib but didn't stick. The next day he said he seen six or more dancing together. But the water is changing daily, so hopefully the weekend is ok and I'm out there!

Cheers scratchie!!!

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Headed out yesterday, Myself and half a dozen other boats worked the god dam biggest bait school of yakkas and slimeys I have ever seen for most of the day. It was quite frustrating as we didnt turn a reel, but I did witness six other captures from boats that were around us. Cute Little blacks dancing all over the ocean. Fun to watch- heading back next week.

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Dont worry too much diamonndback, me and davo were out yesterday too in the trusty LOCO.That was some of the fishiest water ive ever seen. When we took off for a we went up to the gibber, nothing not even a spec of bait. Current didnt seem too bad nice water but no baait no fun. When we got back down to you guys expected that arvo tide change bite but again 0-0-0. We racked the cue at 4pm and tookoff with the :nono: and went to the pub. :ranting2: . Mate were locals and we are doing tough, just pray for that magic april bite :banana:cos we are getting sick of the fuel bills. Best Of Luck

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