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The Salmon Hunt Continues.........................

Bill S

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Fired up predawn, launching from the Botany Penrhyn Rd ramp. The salmon school I spotted from Maroubra beach yesterday were nowhere to be found.

I didn't spot any birds working or the tell tale rough patches of water that normally give the salmon away.

A long troll from Botany to Sydney heads produced two small kings, one lone salmon and 5 Sargent baker. The baker's all came from the Wedding Cake Is. area. I'll avoid the area in future :thumbdown: .

The run South was even less eventful with only one legal king from the same headland the first one came from. After reaching Botany again the troll lines were pulled in and I headed back to 'kingfish corner'. First cast into the wash produced a large spray as the SlugGo was walloped, this time from a legal king. The usual fight followed with long runs as soon as the fish came near the boat. A 50M area produced quite a few fish with most undersized. I kept two kings and the salmon which will feed my family of five and two neighbors :biggrin2: .




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Guest bluecod
I'm a tad concerned about the salmon showing up on Sunday though!!  :05:




So am I, but at least there's been a showing - not like those f%#$@&g hairtail :1badmood:

Bill, by my standards it sounds like you had a reasonable day :thumbup:

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Guest Jocool

Bill, by my standards it sounds like you had a reasonable day  :thumbup:


DITTO. I think you done OK. :thumbup: No pleasing some people! :074::074:

Good on ya Bill. :thumbup:

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Don't mind me guys, I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Just tired from pulling in all the kingies when I wrote the post :1prop:

It was a good day despite the sergant bakers and I've certainly discovered a kingie honey hole if we ever have a kingie social day :074: .

One small king, five sergant baker and one salmon fell to small rapala's and another king fell to a trolled SlugGo. The rest of the kings took cast 6" SlugGo's, most from one small wash area. The main colours were ice shad, blueback herring and mackerel.

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Just a question on trolling the Sluggo's Bill. Do you just let them swin on the surface or do you actually put a sinker to sink it down ?


Mario they tend to swim just under the surface if you troll them back a bit.

I don't use a sinker as such, but an insert weight. See them at the Lunker City site.

Most of the time I run them weightless.

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