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Surprise Flathead


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So i've finally got around to becoming a member and thought i'd jump on and give my first report. (granted only a small one!)

Headed out last Saturday with my brother and our two missuss in tow chasing some kings, got plenty of squid and tried a few spots around sydney harbour but didn't get touched. Understandably the girls were getting frustrated and bored and wanted to head in. When a heavy weather system passed though around 5:30 and the girls pleading to head back in we eventually threw in the towel and headed back.

Just as we got back in and the girls jumped off, the weather cleared up again and with 3 or so squid left my brother and I decided we'd head back out solo give it one more crack. 10 minutes in, and finally we get a bend in one of our rods. Unfortunately it didn't put up much of a fight and i was certain i'd gut hooked a pesky salmon. As it turned out I was wrong and was stoked to see a monster flathead on the end of my line. Stoked with the catch we took a photo, released her back into the harbour and headed back in - absoultely stoked with what we'd caught.

Tomorrow's looking like a cracker of a day, fingers crossed i'll come back in with a good report.




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