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Bondi Beach surprise


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So after a after a couple weeks where the tide hadnt been in my favor, i finally managed to get down to the beach for night time session with the incoming tide. the swell was extremely low at Bondi, but there was just enough to spot where the gutters were.

rigged up with whole pilchards intending to catch salmon and tailor as usual, but this time around each bite was tap tap tap...tap tap boom, flathead! in 2 years of fishing eastern suburb beaches ive never caught a legal flathead from the beach, plenty of undersized ones but never legal. and last night i bagged 4 beauties! biggest approx. approx. 55cm.

And the fact that it wasnt just one random or 2 coincidental legal flatties but 4, i reckon the clam conditions coupled with the full moon brought them in. an i aint complaining, happy days :)


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Not that rare.

I used to get a heap of flatties, bream & the odd dart from

north Bondi at night about 50mtrs from the pool.

It was always around this time of year.

Nice catch mate. A great feed there.



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