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Boy's Weekend!


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Hi Raiders!!

Long-time lurker, occasional poster here.

First of all, thank you all for all the tips and clues I've picked up while reading these forums. I've tried to contribute wherever possible, but I will admit I have learnt far more than I have been able to pass on.

I've managed to persuade my girlfriend to vacate the premises for the Easter long weekend so I can have my mates over for a boys weekend. We're golfing on Friday, and fishing on Saturday. I've arranged to hire a 5.1m boat from Borowra Waters. I am planning on gunning it out through the Hawkesbury and South of Barrenjoey in search of pelagics and maybe some snapper and big flathead.

So, I was thinking head out a mile or two at a couple of knots dragging lures, look for some structure on the sounder and drop some fresh baits down. Maybe if we spot some surface activity we could throw some plastics or some chrome lures into it and see what happens.

The plan for the afternoon is to head up-river against the tide and flick plastics for flathead and bream. I am taking two types of commercially bought berley along with my berley bucket which I will use on all occasions.

I have worked on charter fishing boats for two or three years now, but we run out of the Harbour and we bottom-bounce with very heavy gear, which I'm honestly not terribly interested in. I would like to perhaps jig for snapper or trawl slowly for some mack tuna or tailor.... Kingies if the Gods are shining upon us! Most of all, I would like to see my mates catch some decent fish. I know people are (quite rightly) very protective of their spots, but is there an area within 5nm of Barrenjoey that is productive? I have access to all the necessary gear short of down-riggers.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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East Reef, West Reef, Trawleys and Boultons are all within range of where you're headed, you should be able to find gps coordinates on this site or just google them, all will produce snapper and other reefies with a bit of burley. The Valiant wreck is not far off Barrenjoey Headland and can produce kings on live baits or jigs. Try trolling some divers between Barrenjoey and the Ovens at first light, you should pick up a heap of bonnies with this warm water.

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