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Green Weed - help needed pls!


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Morning all,

I've got a mate up from Tassie this weekend and want to take him Blackfishing on Sunday.

Does anyone know where there is some weed about??

I'm Windsor based...

Cheers Jed.

PS: HappyEaster to all

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If you are looking for green weed, I check out Kelso Park at East Hills last Monday and there was non so I ventured further up Henry Lawson drive and did a left into Deep Water Motor Boat club and found a small creek beside road and car parking area with plenty of weed.

Have a good days fishing


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Thanks for the heads up guys,

Ended up with some out of a storm water drain at Cronulla, (160k round trip), and turned it into 2 blackies from Huntleys point today. Bloody hard work but fun to boot.

Mate from tassie caught his first, not a keeper but can at least say he caught one!!!!

The 2 we kept were in the 30's range, forgot the keeper net and both were a bit difficult to land on light gear, either way tasted all right tonight with a few beers.

Cheers Jed.

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