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Best Bread Bait for mullet floats


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Hi Guys

Further to my post on mullet floats way back in 2007 .........


here is how I do my bread!! It is a terrific way of having it 'ready to go' when you need it - just grab a bag from the freezer & head out!

Cut the crusts off the FRESH white bread. Use a rolling pin to totally compress each slice so all the air is taken out of it. It looks like a bit of cardboard. Cut each slice 5-6 times in both directions to make the small squares. You get about 30+ pieces from each slice of bread! It is MUCH more efficient than tearing small bits off!! Put them into a Ziplock Bag & once out on the water - fold each piece in half x TWICE to make it even MORE compact - and put it thru the hook once (thru all the layers!) It makes it much more difficult for the little buggers to get off & you have a much better chance of catching! I usually do a whole loaf at a time & freeze them in batches - ready to go, when needed! Each bag really only needs a handful as that will give you probably 100 baits!

The pic shows all the stages of the bread without crusts, compacted into a flat square, cut into slices (below my hand) and in the eventual sizes & how to fold them before putting onto the hook!


This setup is perfect for canals too - and kids LOVE fishing with it, as they can see the action. You will often catch garfish as well as the odd bream (some big ones too!)

So .......When you get tired of flicking sps & lures to bream & flatties, just take the it off & replace it with the float & have some REAL fun! If you get hungry, you can eat the bait too!

cheers & happy mullet fishing!


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Well done Roberta

I like the bit about you can eat your own bait

We catch a lot of mullet at The Entrance, mainly Lano mullet not the big Bullies.

An old bloke at West Gosford makes these burley cages that fix to your line just under your float which is stuffed with bread then you can bait your hooks under the cage, works well and a lot of fun, they do put up a good fight.

Thanks for the tip I'll try it out next time.

Cheers Steve

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Compressed bread is also great for Yakka's and Bream when using bread mush as burley ,because its compressed it stays on the hook longer then slowly "fluffs" up.

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......Btw, does it work for blackfish as well?..,..

I bet it would, if it could get past the rubbish fish!!! LOL I've actually caught a decent flattie on bread, too! Mind you, I caught a decent flattie on blackfish weed too! :o THanks for the compliment, too! :D

....Great for Yakka's and Bream ....

and slimies & other baitfish ....... ! Hmmm, I reckon you could even try a tiny bit of white squid on each hook & probably catch heaps without even having to change it very often!

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