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Harbour kings 2/4


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Went out yesterday to hit a few harbour markers, got on the water around 6.45. gathered live bait with ease, armed with dozen yellowtails, big southerns, arrows and even live cuttlefish.

We decided to try a few markers starting off with the wedding cake near the starboard channel. Was a slow 30mins until the yellowtail got smashed, the tld 30 rod equipped with 50lb braid and 80lb leader set on full drag got absolutely smoked once the king saw the boat.. Tipping it was a metre plus hoodlum. Didn't get any more hooks up there until some surface action busted up close to us, bringing in a 45cm tailor on soft pastic,6lb line but nothing else.

Moved onto to shark island area siting on the drop off between 6-8m.. Hooked another decent fish but ran straight down and was reefed within a minute.

Had a few more hook ups and spat baits just out south head but couldn't boat a fish. Close to all hook ups were on yellowtails, not touching the live squid which was weird...

Tried middle harbour on the way back for nothing once again.

Ill post some photos later lads

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Hmmm.. We were there on Monday downrigger middle harbour and almost every marker wedding cakes in the harbour nothing on the sounder nothing but jackets on our squid. Had the squid and yakkas just couldn't convert unfortunatley

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