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South West Rocks

Catchin Jack

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Went for the Easter weekend up to SWR and did a little fishing, only took light gear (2-4kg rod and reel with 4lb braid).

There's a lot of bream and flathead around and it was quite productive.

Went for a night fish and found a heap of mud crabs, never seen so many in one area and caught a few with my rod lol.

The smallest crab went approx. 20cm and the biggest well over 25cm.


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NICE muddie, leo!! Well done. My buddies have been yak fishing the Gaol (staying at the campground) & getting into heaps of marlin to 80kg, cobia, even a 24.5kg Wahoo!!






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Yeh seen some nice fish being caught Roberta and a few yaks getting around, was nice watching them.

And yes Stewy, had a great few days away, that muddie took hold of the tip of my little Venom rod......I nearly cried cause I thought he was gonna crush it.

I just couldn't believe the amount of muddies around, I got mine within 20m of each other but saw heaps of them.

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