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Rozelle Bay Easter Monday

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How are things Raiders,
Went for a session at Rozelle Bay just near the canal entrance on Easter Monday. I was aiming to fish the last hour of the run in and 2 hours of the runout. After hearing about the success on the Forum with the Z-mans I thought that I would get amongst the action myself and give the Z-man Grubz in bloodworm a shot.
Things were very quite and I managed to get these and sent them back on their way after a quick photo:
I hooked up onto a really nice fish that cleaned me up on the rock ledge on the top of the drop off across the entrance of the canal. I'm guessing it was a nice bream from the way it fought. My 6lb leader didn't stand a chance on the nasty terrain. Oh well it was a great fight while it lasted and I'm still having anxious flashbacks after the bust off thinking of what could have been.
Also managed a few choppers just under legal size and I was glad to get my SP back in one piece without any injuries or damage at all. In fact I think I can use the same SP in my next session :)
Although it was rather a quiet session with nothing of any size to report, it was lovely to be outdoors enjoying the afternoon autumn sunshine.
All the best
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Well done Ian!

Good to see the Z-mans are getting you a few fish!

That's the best part! You won't have any tailor demolishing your plastics.... I caught 30 tailor on the one plastic (most of which were legal size) and was still going strong by the end.

Cheers, Tom

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