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2012, Suzuki DF50A


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hi raiders....,

Does anyone have or had the same issue with their tiller steer set-up...?

the problem I'm experiencing (intermittently) is when shifting from forward to reverse at the lowest possible RPM of the motor the throttle handle twists while the selector is being shift thus increasing the RPM..... in reverse....! similar thing will happen at low RPM shifting from forward to neutral. This is extremely annoying and not to mention quite serious when trying to retrieve on the ramp. Only think I can do to avoid the increase in RPM is to hold the throttle handle firmly with one hand whilst selecting with the other.

To me it seems like the shift cable is fowling on the throttle cable within the tiller arm....?

This will happen 5 - 8 times out of 10 so getting a little p'd off with it really.... I will call the dealer to have it looked but just wanted to know if anyone has had a similar problem and what caused it.

Just a thought..... it it were Fly-by-Wire would not have the problem.....

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