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Rose Bay Easter Sunday


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Bit of a late report, been tied up at work.

Fished from about 1pm and caught the full out going tide.

Started off trying a little prawn popper for whiting for the first time. Walked the entire beach for only a couple of boils close to the lure. And they were small water movements. Also didn't see many swimming around which you usually can.

Headed back down to the kayak corner. Switched to soft plastic, swimming grub style plastic. First cast - on. 37cm flathead.

Went quiet for 25 mins so I tried the popper around the sandy areas again. Again, nothing.

Switched back to the same soft plastic. First cast - on. 41cm flathead. I stuck with it then for another legal flathead in the bag. Lost one that was borderline legal.

A great day knee deep in water trying some new methods.

I fish here quite regularly, and also Rushcutters. Does anyone know any more spots I can try that respond well to soft plastics? Eastern Subs based please.


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G'day mate,

I've been fishing the little beach next to the marina on NSHR the one just under the police station with gulp worms and have been getting legal flathead and a few undersized whiting. It drops off really well a d the flathead just sit on the drop off. I find this spot more productive than the spots you have been fishing.

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I saw loads of whiting schooled up at the little river outlet across to the left of the boat ramp, would be a great place to get em on poppers on light gear.

You can climb down the wall on the run out or rising tide easily.

Tight lines!

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